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On Tuesday, August 25, Catcha Da Flava was co-hosted by Maeashah, Sarah, Tyrone, and Judd. To start off the show, Maeashah and Sarah covered a story out of Taiwan where a 12 year old boy had tripped while visiting a museum, and fallen into a 1.5 million dollar painting. The girls discussed other famous cases of people damaging expensive art work, and what happens when you break something that costs millions of dollars! The topic then turned to the CNE, and the great events and crazy foods that are being showcased this year. The theme this year seems to be deep fried- popular items include chicken waffle on a stick, tidbits piton, frosted flake battered chicken, poutine balls, and bacon wrapped grilled cheese. That made an interesting segue to the next item up for discussion- health and wellness! Tyrone joined in for a conversation on new research that claims people do not need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. The panel found this a little hard to believe, since they and the rest of the team at Focus have recently have been working on media projects centred on health and wellness in which staying well hydrated has been stressed. From there, the conversation turned to words found in other languages that don’t translate to English. Interestingly, In Italian there is a single word for ‘that sleepy feeling you get after a big world’. Check out the podcast for all the other examples- some are very surprising. The discussion then turned back to food, during research earlier in the day Maeashah found out that North America is one of the few places that refrigerates their eggs, and the interesting reason why. The hosts also talked about the differences between everyday food in different countries. The conversation then turned to new science breakthroughs. In Sweden, a woman was able to give birth after a successful uterus transplant, and the uterus was donated by her own mother! This is very encouraging for women around the world who are dealing with fertility problems. Next topic was the latest on election and political news. To round out the show, the panel covered the fine imposed on The Russian Hockey Federation for $115 000 for their snub of Canada’s victory at the World Championship final. Check out the whole podcast for the entire conversation.

By: Sarah Forrest

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