Summer Program - Food Justice

Members of the Summer Media Training Program interviewed two members of Toronto’s Food Security movement as part of their Radio Program on Food Justice. The first guest was Justine Barone, the Community Advocacy Coordinator, from CRC Regent Park Community Food Centre. Justine told us all about Regent Park Community Food Centre and the programs that run there, like their Community Meal Program, Food Skills Programs, and Community Gardens. Justine told us all about the important role food plays in community development, and gave us advice about how youth can become involved in the food justice movement. Our second guest was Andrew Antonio, who is the Coordinator at the Riverside Good Food Market. He told us about how the Riverside Good Food Market provides fresh, affordable food to the Riverside community at a very low price point. The organization is volunteer run, so it really brings the entire community together. Andrew’s advice to youth was that we should learn how to cook. He said cooking for friends and family is a great way to connect with our community. Stay tuned for the entire radio segment to learn more about these fantastic organizations, as well as more about Toronto’s Food Security and Food Justice movement.

 Blog by: Sarah Forrest
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