Summer Program - Radio Segments

Members of the summer youth media training program are working on developing radio segments that focus on social justice issues. The topics being covered are food justice, the dispute between UBER vs. taxi, the new sex-ed curriculum, and the concept of true beauty. Most of the shows are currently in the pre-production stage, volunteers are working on booking guests to interview, as well as creating several Public Service Announcements on each topic. The volunteers will start to record their shows and interview guests next week. Some groups were ready to start recording today, and went out to interview people on the street to get a public perspective on their topic. The group also worked together to create a template for the best way to reach out and contact appropriate guests for their shows. They will be able to use this template for future projects, as well as their radio segments. Finally, the group spent time coming up with questions for the police officers and lawyers who will be arriving tomorrow with OJEN, as part of their on-going youth and the law series. The group is very excited to have a chance to interact with members of the justice system and is looking forward to having their questions answered.

By: Sarah Forrest
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