Youth Talk - RPTV

Today, we had our interview for Youth Talk on RPTV. We had a guest named Gursharan a researcher from CAMH come in and discuss her position as well as Mental Health as a whole and the stigmas and steriotypes surrounding mental health as well. Omar interviewed her and got the chance to talk about his own views and expierences with mental health and he helped Gursharan debunk some of the steriotypes and stimags that cause people to not feel comfortable and seek help when dealing with mental health issues. Over all it was an incredible opportunity to learn and educate and gave us the chance to really take a deeper look at mental illness as a whole and understand that so many people deal with mental health issues on a daily basis and need that support so that they feel safe and comfortable seeking assistance. It’s important to create a safe space and really tackle issues head on, we all need help sometimes and this episode makes it clear that you are not alone and that there is help out there if and when you need it. We hope you can connect with the message and get something out of it. Thank you for watching RPTV!

By: Mellissa Hum
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