La Francophonie (French Show)

Since one week I create my own French TV Show, this TV show is about experiences of French people who come in Toronto. The goal is to share several experiences and to know the different reasons why french people immigrate here!

So, today I produce my second episode of my TV Show ! It was amazing. Indeed, during my first episode I was little stressed and I lost the way of my interview because it was the first time. But, this time was better because I was more comfortable with the topic, the question and with the guest.
My guest was Tresor Otshudi, a french singer and guitar player from Paris, in France, but since 2014, he lives in Toronto. His music style is a mix between R&B and Ndombolo (a kind of African music) and he works between Paris and Toronto to perform his concerts. His last performance was on March 20th at Toronto Police Headquarters to celebrate the Francophone Week.

This experience allowed me to meet many people and to demonstrate leadership as youth producer, and It was great opportunity to meet him and to share his experience.

Episode 1 and 2 are soon available to watching on our YouTube Channel: regentparktv. Enjoy it!
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