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We had the great privilege to have one of the board of directors from imagineNATIVE come in and speak on their behalf. Andre Morriseau, once a manager, still a comedian and an overall delightful human being talked about his background as an aboriginal, brief experience of being in a residential school and the amazing work he and his staff do in the imagineNATIVE film and media arts festival. A brief note on what is imagineNATIVE comes directly from their website,, " Since our first Festival in 2000, the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival has programmed film, VIDEO, radio and new media works made by Canadian and international Indigenous media artists in key creative roles as producers, directors, and/or writers. In programming these works over the years, imagineNATIVE has embraced works from Indigenous creators that push artistic boundaries to represent a diversity of ideas, themes and genres in our programming, seeking representations of subjects that would not necessarily be made available through mainstream forms of media."

The youth had the opportunity to interview Andre for their Arts and Culture show, featured on LANND TV. They had a wonderful time talking and laughing with Andre and got through the struggles of speaking in front of the camera. It was amazing to see the youth improve both in front and behind the cameras and will be great to see the end results of their hard work.

By: Tanbir Haque
Date: February 5, 2015
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