RPTV Mini-series Production Group

Over the past few months, a group of youth with RPTV have been meeting every Wednesday evening on the creation of a three-part mini series called "Samira's Choice."  The mini series is set in modern day Regent Park and we hope to accurately represent the issues and current events facing the community.   Samira’s Choice centres around our main character, Samira, who faces conflicts growing up in Canada and attempting to appease her parents and culture.  The process of trying to bring this script to life has been an interesting and new experience for many of our participants.  We have learned that script writing is a lengthy and detailed process.  We have a diverse and fun group of people:  Some high school students, University students from Ryerson media arts program, York Bed program and even middle school students.  Our diverse backgrounds contribute to eclectic and thought-provoking Wednesday evenings.   With the help of our the main scriptwriter, a high school student by the name of Sam Grove, we started out with a rough script and revised it…and revised it…and revised it.  Finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and we have started making plans for production!  The excitement is mounting the closer we get to our production stage.  This week we starting casting and next week we will be scouting shooting locations.  But we will save the casting of our main character for when our shooting schedule has been determined.  We are looking forward to continuing in this lively creative process and we will keep you posted in our weekly blog.  Thanks for reading and being a part of our project.

This week’s blog brought to you by Aidan Samuels, Nicholas Ramsubick and Marilou Calce.
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