LANND TV - Ryan Cunningham Returns

I guess Ryan Cunningham is a big fan of Regent Park Focus as much as we are a fan of him because he came in again! It was amazing to see him come in and spend some more time with us in our studio to discuss the Native Earth Performing Arts. This time around, one of our youths from Council Fire Native Cultural Centre interviewed him in front of the camera and discussed topics surrounding Arts and Culture in the Indigenous community. The youth had to step up their game, in relation to their interviewing skills and stay focused and precise in their questions while still keeping a smile on their face, which wasn't hard to do since Ryan was a great delight to be around. The youth had more opportunity in front and behind the camera and it showed that night in their actions. Even though there were some snags in between shots, about the next line, how we are going to go about questioning Ryan and how to focus the camera on our host and guest. They pulled through and made it a great night hard work, intriguing questions and plenty of laughs.

The Arts and Culture episode on LANND TV is still under process as we will have a guest coming in next week to discuss his contributions in imagineNATIVE.

By: Tanbir Haque
Date: January 29, 2015
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