LANND TV - Ryan Cunningham from Native Earth Performing Arts Theatre Company

This past week we had the opportunity to have Ryan Cunningham from Native Earth Performing Arts theatre company come in and visit our site.  Ryan is Metis (Cree/Scottish) from Edmonton, Alberta; the co-founder and Artistic Manager of Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and the co-curator/producer of the RUBABOO Arts festival.  Being a part of many other titles to his name as well as many theatre, TV and big screen productions such as "Blackstone" and "Blue Murder" he still has the time to be a part of our very own production concerning Indigenous youth. The youth from Council Fire had the chance to talk to Ryan about his role in the theater company as well as what native earth was all about. The youth also created and asked him their own questions as to how he sees the Indigenous community in the performing arts her in Canada. They got the idea as to how they can be a part of the performing community and the steps they could take after high school going on to College and then the specific schools that follow. Ryan will be a part of our "Arts and Culture" episode in LANND tv, talking about his experience in the performing arts and his predictions about the future of Indigenous people in these roles. 

Today however we have started our show on Education and how it Impacts Indigenous youth. We will be discussing the differences between main stream school and alternative school and how they are perceived by the youth. We will also talk about the types of text books that are used to teach in main stream schools and how their point of view of history doesn't show the full picture. So far we have shot a few scenes, however we still need to work on some kinks we seem to have. Although it is looking good for the future episodes. 

By:    Tanbir Haque
Date:  January 22, 2015
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