Diva's Media Group - Girls Talk Pre-Production, Fundraising Conversations and Games

The Diva's Media Group is an all-girls group that meets up every Friday at 5pm - 6:30pm. This past Friday I  had the opportunity to meet the girls for the first time.  I am a George Brown student who is doing my placement at Focus on youth media arts center. I loved being able to interact with the girls, who have both amazing personalities and amazing opinions. We started with an introduction. Then we went onto play some interactive games. One of the games consisted of having the girls draw a picture in 5 minutes that depicted their personalities and themselves without the use of words. We then took turns guessing who drew what. Later we went on to have a discussion about some ideas and concepts for the 3 shows the girls will be producing for Girls Talk.  Afterwards we discussed fundraising opportunities to help the girls raise funds for the divas group itself. We ended with a spirited game of two truths one lie in which we got to bond further and continue the process of getting to know one another.

By: Mellissa HumDate
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