Catch da Flava Radio: Model Schools with Jeff Kugler

Last week Jeff Kugler, one of the original founders of Model Schools came into Regent Park Focus to discuss the program with our youth on our Catch Da Flava Radio show.  Model schools in Toronto are those that receive extra funding to help their students (who are often of lower economic status) receive the same opportunities and social supports as more fortunate children.  The schools are determined by the Learning Opportunities Index which rank schools depending on the socioeconomic need of the community.  Model Schools initiative for Inner Cities ensures that students in the inner city will grow up with all the positive choices and opportunities they need to thrive. Through focusing on the needs of the child and by working together with students, families, community and governments; Model schools help make a difference to battle challenges like poverty and language barriers that affect a students outcome in school and life.  Our youth greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss Model Schools withJeff Kugler and learn more about the program that started in the heart of Regent Park Community.

By: Britney NeagleDate: Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

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