Youth Reflection – Inspirit Project

My first interview on an Interfaith Dialogue was of Jasper Bendici. He is part of the Shallow Seas (a current rock band), as well as being an active member of a Greek Orthodox Church. For the first time ever, I was actually doing what I've always wanted to do: host a tv show! I had so much support from everyone. I received simple advice about studio interviewing technique, which greatly improved the interview. Because of my experience in front of the camera, I now feel so much more confident in speaking out. This experience of people depending on me to deliver, caused me to grow in areas I didn't even expect. 
The program of Interfaith Dialogue is so important to me, because it encourages people to see above themselves and to explore the big questions every human faces. I believe our culture has suppressed these thoughts and questions. A public show that discusses different faiths, groups, and movements toward peace and understanding is immensely important for a multicultural community to thrive.   

~Samuella (Sam) Grove    

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