Fall 2014 Program Begins!

With the Summer Program to a close, the Fall Program has begun!

Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre opens up for a new season of programming. Including: TV Production, Radio Production and a New Media Program which will be starting on Saturdays in October. We will be conducting TV production every weekday Monday to Friday. Newcomers are very much welcomed to come take part in the pre-production, production and post-production stages of the shows.

Today with the new RPTV crew we introduced them to the fundamentals of film-making. Learning about camera angles, shot framing and how to operate the TV broadcast equipment. Following the camera workshops we sat down to talk about future possible TV show ideas that relate to community news and social justice. Many topics were bounced around; some included a TV series focusing on the city's young entrepreneurs and another series on exploring the city of Toronto; checking out cool pockets of the city, focusing on establishments and areas that are fairly unknown and yet unique in their own ways and interviewing the facilitators of those locations.

With the Fall Program still quite fresh in its start, anyone interested in joining us can simply contact us and find out about how they can register and sign up for our various production workshops. Each day of the week is dedicated to specific programming, so it all depends on the interest of those that register which days they would like to come in. We'd love to see you there!

- Tyrone

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