Divas Out In The Park! Architectural Photography Day!

It was time to get out and explore together as a group during the last Diva Girls session. The sun was shining and the skies were blue. So we packed up Focus' digital cameras and headed outside.

The urban landscape of Regent Park is continuously changing around us as the demolition and revitalization process continues. As our radio dramas from the last week are being edited, I thought it would be a good time to have a brief class on outdoor architectural photography.

Before heading out, we discussed 5 ways on how to improve shots of buildings and architectural forms.

1. Know Your Camera- Become familiar with the major settings on your camera and how to use them. If you see an interesting photo you want to take, try a variety of settings. It better to have more options than fewer ones. Keep in mind you are also going to edit these photos using software to make adjustments.

2. Think About Reflections- Many of the new condos have very shiny surfaces because they usually contain a lot glass and reflective materials. Can you capture a nearby building's reflection in another? Are there puddles? Sunglasses and car mirrors are also good options. This gives a new and fresh perspective to the viewer, as it is something we do not see very often.

3. Think About Length- Consider your placement to the building, or form you are trying taking a photo of. If you are trying to capture the entire length of the building, get close to the base of the building and shoot upwards.

4. Play With Lines- Architectural photography is an opportunity to think outside of the box. Think about how you can play with the often harsh and direct lines you see in buildings? How can you play with them in order to make a more interesting image? Is the sun making shadows? Are their curvy details in stairs, railings or ornaments?

5. Zoom in For Details- Think about the important characteristics that can show the change in Regent Park. What do you remember from a few years ago and how drastically has it changed? It there a harsh contrast between the new and old buildings? What are your personal opinions or feelings on what is happening? Is there anyway you can insert you thoughts into the images?

After out discussion, we walked around Regent Park for about an hour taking photos, discussing how to improve them as well as subject matter. It was a fun and educational afternoon. Next session we plan on discussing our editing and exhibiting options.

Stay tuned for the Diva's Dramas!- Erika Hughes(OISE Intern)
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