Boyz 2 Men - What Makes You A Man?

On Friday, February 21st, we shot the first episode of Boys 2 Men What Makes You A Man for Regent Park TV. The focus of this show is to challenging the common notions of masculinity. The topic that was discussed were issues surrounding ones self-worth Vs. ones self-concept. Our host Horace Spence alongside our panelist Travis Anthony, Ronnie Rowe, and Tha CaptialE shared there views on this topic. The production team involved with filming this episode was Adonis, Isaac, Emanuel, Tyrone and Mark.

On Thursday, march 13th, we shot the second episode of Boys 2 Men was show, What Makes You A Man for Regent Park TV. This is a show where we discuss and challenge common notion of male masculinity. The topic of this show was the “Be a Man” statement. Our host Horace Spence along side our guest Travis Anthony had a great discussion about the effects the “Be A Man” statement has in the male community. Our production team included Mark, Nicole, Immanuel, Pierce, and Joshua.

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