Radio - Alternative Schools

This Tuesday, March 3rd Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre was very busy producing a radio show for Radio Regent.

The topic for this week’s radio show was Alternative Schools. The show was hosted by Essen, and Annie-Marie, and the technician was Isaac. Radio Regent was also joined by four panel guest. We started the show by introducing what an alternative schools is, and talking about the various alternative schools the panel members had gone to and what their experiences were like. We then talked about the purpose of Alternative Schools, which brought up opposing points of view. One of our panelist believed the purpose of alternative schools was to act as a last effort to help kids who dropped out of “regular” schools. Other panelists thought the main aim of alternative schools was to offer different learning experiences for interested students. The panelists also discussed the Afrocentric Alternative School and whether this was a helpful initiative for black students. During the show Radio Regent got a phone call from Don, a father of a kid who goes to an alternative school. Don brought an interesting and important point up by mentioning that every alternative school is different, so you can’t really make broad statements and think they will apply to all of them.

By Adaku Huggins-Warner

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