Divas - Tar Sands and Pipeline 9

Today the Divas were visited by a group of George Brown students who have organized a campaign and educational seminar about the Tar Sands and Pipeline 9. The youth listened to a presentation, watched videos and took part in interactive activities. They learned about the Tar Sands, Enbridge’s pipeline plans, previous oil spills, health risks and the environmental impact of the Tar Sands and these pipelines. A few girls in the group were very interested in the topic and have decided to write articles for Catch the Flava magazine about how they feel Line 9 will affect Ontarians.

Many of the youth had not heard of the Tar Sands before, and could not believe that an environmental disaster of that level existed in Canada. This presentation sparked conversation between the girls about environmental justice and living in a healthy environment. This environmental topic interested the girls so much we will be planning another class where we discuss our own environment footprint and small things you can change in your every day life that will decrease your ecological footprint.

- Nicole Moore
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