The Divas and Black History Month

The divas got together to celebrate and multiple important occasions. With regards to black history month, there were numerous outlets of information provided to the Divas in order for them to obtain more knowledge about Black history. The girls all submerged their attention in documentaries about various Black activists who strongly impacted anti-oppressed groups for the better. After viewing these biographies, the Divas discussed what they have learned and also were amazed how individuals can have such a big impact not only while they’re here on Earth, but also many generations that have followed them afterwards. All the divas also wrote a quiz that was Black history month themed, to see how much they knew prior to watching the documentaries and the discussion.

Another topic of interest for this weeks program was discussing all of the events during the Sochi Olympics, and also the inconvenient events in Russia surrounding the anti-gay laws.

After all of these discussions, the Divas took a short psychological test that incorporated drawing a pig. The differences in drawings, even to the smallest detail signified different personality traits about each individual, and we all touched upon whether they all agreed with the answers, and also what they liked or disliked that had truth behind it.

With todays program, many girls mentioned that they didn’t cover much in school about Black history month, so it was good to know that after today, they are more knowledgeable about Black history and current events surrounding equality.

By: Nicole Moore
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