Radio Show - Sochi Olympics

On Today's radio show the panel discussed issues surrounding the 2014 Sochi Olympics. During the show we covered various topics relating to the Olympics like: living conditions for tourists watching the games, LGBTQ rights of gay athletes competing, and controversial issues related to past Olympic games. The whole panel was unanimous in the fact that athletes and humans in general should be treated with equal amounts of respect, and should not be judged based on anything less of the norm.  With tourists, living conditions were not only dangerous but also unsanitary. We all agreed that the tourists should have been well accommodated for, and the hotel staff should have been more prepared knowing how much people would be traveling to that area.  Other topics which was carried out in the discussion was the Paralympic games. It was discussed that there should be an equal amount of attention to the Paralympic games, and the panel felt that it is lacking support from the media. Overall, todays radio broadcast went very well and a lot of opinions were shared. 
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