Divas - What Does Black History Means to You

Some of the Divas talk about what Black History Month means to them:

I think black history month is amazing and should be acknowledged more! There are a bunch of amazing black people that have changed the world because of their actions. It's kind of sad that we aren't doing anything in school about it though.
- Thusany 

Me being here today proves that my people made it though slavery. They fought for freedom and succeded. I am Black History.
- Tajah 

For many, many years black people were discriminated for their race.But now black people are treated the same as any other race. For us to get to where they are, many people such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Jackie Robins, and Emit Till and others help black people to have their rights. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have the family I have, the friends I have, the safety I have, the education, freedom, confidence, and opportunities I have now. Black history month is to remember what black people went through, It is also for the people who stood up for black people, and the positive changes that had been done for black people. To this day black people are no longer judged for racism, they are no longer arrested or killed for race. They have the jobs, homes, families, friends, and other opportunities. Black history month is to remember how a stand up to racism changed the world and made it a better place. 

So far, I'm a part of a black history month play for school. It's really a lot of fun and I get to meet more kids and what not. I'm playing one of the black people in a peaceful riot. There is a scene in a white restaurant and black people just come in and start eating and drinking from their foods, some even joining in their conversations. The white people are terrified, holding on to their jewellery and expensive shoes etc. Soon the police come and take the black people away and such. Somewhere in there is a song called "A change will come" is being played and there is an interpretive dance. I am also going to be one of the dancers for the play and I am really excited about that because I really love dancing (like, a lot.) And yeah that's basically it.
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