Divas Discuss what New Topics to Cover

On Friday January 10th, 2014 The Divas girls Group meeting started off by discussing the different holidays and events that will be occurring during the month of February. The Divas brainstormed and all agreed that there were three main areas which they would like to focus on: Valentines day, Family day, and Black history month.

When asked what Valentines day meant to the Divas, a majority came to the agreed upon conclusion that it mainly focused around spending an excessive amount of money on chocolate and cards. Since our society believes in an implemented theme of material goods to show appreciation towards one specific Valentine, we wanted to bring back the roots of what Valentines day should be like. It was important to discuss the different types of relationships that can also be celebrated. Instead of just focusing on the obvious relationship with a "significant other", It was mentioned that the Divas can also celebrate with: siblings, friends or best friends (as they stated there was a huge difference between the two), parents and/or classmates. The focus of this brainstorming exercise was to make the Divas aware of all the different individuals in their lives that they can show love and appreciation for. Through this, no one will feel excluded during Valentines day.

With regards to Family day and Black history month, the two events were tied together in a theme of reflection. The Divas were asked to reflect on someone who they look up to and has impacted their lives for the better, and to write one paragraph about them. The concept of a role model varied from: Family members, to Social Activists, to celebrities in the media who portray a positive message. By elaborating on why the Divas chose those people, it was interesting to read and realize that no matter how much you know an individual personally or not - how one carries themselves affects multiple lives. Also, no matter how young or old you are, you are able to have your voice heard and you are able to change the world.

Here are three entries from the Diva's Girls group that day:

Noosa: My role model is Malala. Why? Well because she was one of those girls that tried fighting to get an education. She got shot (I think), but anyways, she stayed strong and didn't let anybody let her lose the shot for fighting for what is right for her and her people.

Tajah: My role model is nobody! I don't have a role model. the only person i look up to is God. You can't force me to chose one because I don't have one - I just don't. But if I did have one it'd be someone who is respectful and selfless. Someone who gives away cars to their whole studio audience. Someone who builds an all girls school in Africa. Someone like Oprah. But I don't have a role model, so not Oprah.

Sawda: My role model is my cousin Nafisa. My cousin has been there for me all the time. She has been with me through all my ups and she has helped me through all my downs. She is like my sister. I look up to her for help when i'm struggling. My cousin is my role model. She is very smart. She makes me want to keep on persevering in my education and achieve my goals. Over all, my cousin will always be there for me forever. she will continue to help me and encourage me when ever I need it. I will always love and look up to my cousin.

-Mark Florendo
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