Learning Radio Production!

Ever wanted to learn how to produce a radio show? Well that’s exactly what happened at this week’s Regent Park Focus TV and Radio Broadcasting meeting. The participants, made up of both volunteers and staff, got together to talk about producing a Catch da Flava Youth radio show on Radio Regent. The participants were lead into Regent Park Focus’s very own radio studio to learn the elements that go into creating and producing a radio show. Participants hosted a mock radio show, taking turns being the radio technician, which involves controlling the sound of the mics and music, and being the host of the show. Participants then held a discussion about what topics they wanted to talk about on the upcoming radio broadcast. The topics ranged from local issues, such as Rob Ford and upcoming Toronto music festivals, to national issues like the senate scandal, to international issues, such as the protests happening in Thailand and the Ukraine, homophobia at the Sochi Olympic Games, and the imprisonment of musicians Pussy Riot. If any of these subjects interest you, tune into Radio Regent on Tuesday December 10th from 6pm to 7pm to hear our first broadcast.
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