3D Workshop Intro

The Regent Park Focus facility welcomed animation designer Jude to our family. Jude will be coming in on Thursdays to teach kids about different animation programs and how to use them to creatively send a message about social issues and other topics in their society and lives. The 14th however was an introduction into the future programming which included looking at finished products, and how they were designed. Youth can be signed up for this program which will be held every Thursday from 4pm-5:30pm, snacks will be provided as well as rewards for those who attend. Space is limited and is offered on a first come first served bases.


 This program will be offered at the regent park focus in the media lab and include programs like After Effects, 3D sculpting, etc. The kids today got a first hand view on what it is like to be an animator and the kind of work and dedication that goes into producing even a short film. The youth seemed most excited about the creative freedom they would have after learning about and playing with the new programs offered, each youth will have one on one training and a chance to expand their knowledge about computer programming and web animation. A once in a lifetime opportunity and fun for all ages this program will be running until winter break and resume in January. The introduction sparked high interest in the boys and we have high hopes for this program and its participants. 

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