The Diva’s Talk about Canada and Human Trafficking

There are many misconceptions about what happens in our country and how we relate to other countries. In Canada we frown on countries such as Japan, the Philippines and Thailand for their high involvement with human trafficking and sex trafficking. Canadians are one of the world’s highest sponsors to the prevention of child abuse and human trafficking worldwide but many Canadians fail to see that Canada also has high human trafficking rates including human sex trafficking, human slavery and human selling.  On Friday 22nd 2013 the Diva Girls talked about the serious topic of human trafficking in Canada and the recent discovery in London England of the three women trapped into slavery by an English couple.  But incidents like these do not just happen across the ocean, it happens in Canada everyday. Organizations such as the Canadian Women’s Foundation work to help young girls and Trafficking survivors back to their normal lives and families. According to the CWF some of the contributors to human trafficking in Canada is the lack of attention paid to missing minorities such as Natives, the easy link predators have to victims via Internet and the promise of prosperity to lower income families all over the world.  With our discussions about prevention and the circumstances around human trafficking came up, we also talked about the selling of babies which is a form of human trafficking. The selling of infants by the parents or any other person is an illegal act and is considered an act of human trafficking.  Our group members talked about topics that are often involved with the action of human trafficking and stigma’s attached such as that only girls can be attacked and sold, which is a misconception that social stigma has made. We also explained safety tips and what organizations help with liberating human trafficking victims as well as getting their lives back on track. 

By: Corrina Richard
Date:  November, 22, 2013
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