School Violence, American Gun Policies and The Diva Girls

 Friday, November 1st 2013 the Diva Girls meeting started with conversation around how their Halloween went and their plans for November. May of the girls, sporting bags of candy, expressed they had fun Halloween celebrations even if they hadn’t been out and about with the ghouls and ghosts. The girls also talked about how their day had been at school and recent books they read. The conversation took a serious turn when the youths got into their “what happen in the week” topic which was gun violence. Less then a year after the Sandy Hook Middle School and several years after Columbine High School another middle school shooting occurred in Nevada, USA. The shooting left one teacher and the shooter dead, and rocked risky debate over a controversial bill passed in Texas, Oklahoma, and soon Indiana that allows and expects teachers to carry guns in class in case of an active attack.

The Diva Girls listen to each of the events in which and active gunman entered each school and how each active gunman was stopped, we also looked at mortality rates, arguments of why each event happened and arguments for and against guns. The youths were then asked the question of whether or not guns should be allowed on teachers or should they be banned/regulated altogether. Many of the girls saw this as a violent issue being solved with more violence and believed that guns should not be so available in people’s households. Other girls saw it as less of a black and white issue and admitted that maybe if not teachers having hall monitors or police officers present in schools. With that topic wrapped up we then worked on our world culture presentations and those who were finished continued to talk about current world and Canadian issues including the Rob Ford scandal that has put Toronto in a less then reputable light in the global community. As the youth has finished their projects they will be quickly showing their presentations next week before getting into a new topic.

By: Corrina Richard
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