Regent Park Focus Multi-Faith Project

Regent Park Focus is partnering with a group of University of Toronto students to produce a media series exploring multiple faiths and religions. Over the course of 10 weeks youth will interview religious leaders in the community and get an understanding of the different cultures, values and lifestyles that make Regent Park and Canada so spiritually diverse. The interviews will be documented in the form of two radio shows and eight television programs, which will be available at RPTV. 

At this weeks’ meeting, the Inter-Faith program team prepared for an upcoming interview with a member of an LGBTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Questioning) Islamic community. The youth divided up the various roles required for production, reviewed how to conduct a good interview, and learned how to produce, direct, and film a TV show. The youth also took a vote to choose which religion to focus on for the next episode, deciding on the Unitarian Church.

By: Adaku

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