Dove and The Divas

The Diva Girls did the Dove workshop, which focused on issues such as body confidence, self-esteem and inaccuracies in the media. Each member of the Diva Girls filled out work sheets that required critical thinking about how they feel about their body images and how they cope with self-esteem issues. Exploring these issues help boost confidence mentally and generally giving them the ability to public speak, try out for teams and make new friends. These also help with metal hurdles the Diva Girls may face in day-to-day life whether that is bullying, stress or just in general sadness, remembering that they are beautiful and have self worth helps give them the tools to overcome every obstacle.

The first work sheet asked the Diva Girls what gave them confidence, many answering that a combination of family and friends helped them through times of doubt or low self-esteem. This was a great way to remind the girls that many people find them beautiful even when they may not feel beautiful. Another worksheet the members completed was a sheet about their feelings if they were a famous model or actress, feelings included natural, happy, sexy and fake. The Diva Girls also explored two videos that depicted the effects of Photoshop, makeup, and lighting to make someone look more (or less) attractive. Although some of the group had already seen the video the affect was no less impressive, the Diva Girls were floored that a photo of a person could be altered so much to make that perfect image we see in a movie, magazine or commercial.

Below are entries from the Diva Girls member’s journals about what they learned and what makes them feel good;

Samreen- Today we were talking about self-esteem. We talked about what kind of things bring your self-esteem up. Some things that bring my self-esteem up are music (or I think I just like how the go), my friends (all the time because they are always there so I can hang, chill, and talk with them about anything), Diva Girl (because we can always talk about whatever we are saying) Corrina (because she talks to us like a sister and she’s chill).

Sawda- Today we learned about body image, and body confidence and self-esteem. Body confidence is when you are confident about your body and you love your body. Self-esteem is when you feel good about yourself. We also learned that the media makes us think about our selves differently.

Julia- Today we were talking about how we can boost our self-esteem and body confidence. We listed out all our dislikes and positive things about ourselves/bodies. I liked how we got to express our voices and opinions about ourselves. We also watched a Dove video where they show us the process of Photoshoping a model. I have a few dislikes about my body but my friends and family support me and tell me I’m beautiful in every single way. I think that my friends are naturally sexy and beautiful! I liked todays session. I liked it when we were watching the Dove video where it shows the medias stereotypical idea of beauty. I have never knew that the people who take the picture of the models changes it, just because maybe they weren’t “beautiful” enough. Now that’s just dumb… I liked the part after, when Corrina made us fill out this activity with bricks :D I wrote down sexy on the first sheet, because I feel sexy. LOL I’m kidding! I feel beautiful . then I like the part where we had to circle words. I feel the second sheet was funner.

Thusany- From this session I learned the media is messed us! People should show others true beauty! Everyone is absolutely beautiful in every way. You might be shy, but it’s it’s natural to hide your amazing-ness cause you don’t want others to get jealous! Show natural beauty don’t wear makeup. Everyone is completely awesome and don’t think otherwise.

By: Corrina Richard
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