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The group reviewed two videos that dealt with stereotypes. The first video was specifically stereotypical behavior from Toronto Youth. In this video we saw three males in different scenarios, at the mall, the barbershop, to name a few places. We heard phrases like, “I’m out here bro,” “beef ting,” and one that seemed most comical, “ yo boom!”
The group discussed how the video made them feel and shared past experiences that related to other more serious stereotypes they had faced. This then sparked conversation about social norms and the struggle to fit in vs. the struggle to disassociate from them.

The last video was a segment from the show: The talk. They did a spoof on stereotypes, playing upon stereotypes used against African Americans, Lesbians, Asians, and The British. This was in response to Sophia Vergara an actress on the television show Modern family, who plays the character “Gloria.” Many have complained that her character is a stereotype of a “hot fiery Latina.” Vergara responded to the criticism by saying, “I don’t mind. I don’t know why people think stereotypes are so terrible. It might be a stereotype but I think the character is fantastic. She’s colourful, she’s loud but I’m loud. She’s crazy, but I’m crazy. It’s not a problem.” 
The boys were able to agree with her statement as they described examples of how they themselves “fit” a stereotype. By the end, the group realized that although sometimes funny, stereotypes could be misused as a weapon to hurt others. Stereotypes can make a mockery of an entire group of people, emphasizing small things as identifiable traits, which then limits them and corrupt our thoughts about them.

By: Aria Charles
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