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Last week the youth of the Diva Girls program worked together to create a presentation on a culture that is different from their own. On Friday October 11th 2013 the Diva Girls explored many topics some of which we touched upon last week but didn’t quite understand, these topics included, an article on assisted suicide (which can be found below), the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and experiencing and appreciating others culture. With new girls arriving review an old topic gave the youths a chance to see what has been talked about before and expand the understanding of the girls who were left a little confused.

When the youth came in we did a check in on how everyone was doing with their reading reward system and almost every youth in attendance had read a book/finished a book in that week. The group was also rewarded for filling out a important survey on where Regent Park community funding should go. If your child has not completed this survey and would like to they are available at the Regent Park Media Arts Center.

The Diva Girls then moved on to “What happened in the week?” a portion of the agenda where we take a news article from that week and use our critical thinking to decide what it means to us. This week we looked at a article that explained about the current issue of assisted suicide that has arisen in British Colombia after the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a decision of allowing physician assisted suicide to patients with painful and lethal illnesses. The youth talked about this topic at length and many of the issues and advantages our Canadian Parliament has outlined the youth had brought up, issues such as mental health and being able to know when someone actually wants to die, and advantages such as the argument of dying with dignity. On a lighter note we also talked about the Nobel Peace Prize and the recipient this year. Although Malala Yousafzai, a women’s education activist who was shot by the Taliban, was a public favorite the group Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or OPCW won the award for their international work and for their help in the Syria crisis. The youth agreed that upon hearing what the OPCW did that they deserved the award.

Finally the Diva Girls members got into pairs and made their way to the media lab to produce a media project on a culture different then their own. They could pick any part of another countries culture such as food, religion, entertainment, etc. Topics chosen ranged from Chinese language to Indian Bollywood, and although the girls have not completed their presentation they enjoyed learning about new cultures and reflected a little about their own culture. Next we the youths will be finishing their presentation and showing what the learned to the rest of the Diva Girl members. Everyone seemed to leave Friday night happy and educated.

-Corrina Richard,
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