Resiliency and the Diva Girls

Friday October 25th 2013 the Diva Girls had a guest speaker come in to talk about resiliency, ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy, and stresses the youth face everyday. The guest speaker, Christine, asked girls to choose their top three stressors and it seemed as though the girls unanimously decided that the top three stressors were, drum roll; School, Parents and Drama. We explored these topics deeper to get a better sense of why these things stress the youth, for example, many of the youth felt that school held all the stressors in their life such as friend drama and the stress of failing/not doing well and having their parents be disappointed. Although some of the youth put on a tough face many of the other youths talked openly about daily stressors like not fitting in and even violence. 

The Diva Girls kept an open mind and everyone participated as they learned about ways to deal with daily stressors and ways to approach a problem with renewed strength. The youth did a number of activities such as writing their biggest stressor on a piece of paper anonymously and submitting them to Christine who read them and had the youth use problem solving skills to remedy those problems. When the youth had finished the problem-solving task they were then instructed to give everyone an appreciation comment, something kind that shows a person’s importance. The Diva Girls left feeling good about themselves a renewed with a promise from Christine that she would return to do more stress relieving exercises.
Below this blog are some of the journals entries the girls wrote about the workshop and how they enjoyed it.

Sawda- Today we learned about resilience. It means to bounce back up. We learned what things bring us down example school, drugs, fashion, etc. and we learned how to get ourselves up, like talking to someone or writing in a journal. From today I learned how to deal with stress. I thought today was knowledgeable, relieving, and helpful.

Iman- So today we were talking about resiliency. We had a bunch of things on the board and we had to pick the thing that we think stress us (top 3). Afterwards we wrote what we think stresses us. It was anonymous so we didn’t know what each other wrote. Chris read some of them and we discussed them. After a couple of attempts to play a memory game with some balls, we sent appreciations to each other.

Rabaya- Today’s session was amazing! I loved how Christine came in today and talked about problems about teens. Because to be honest, I had so many problems (well not really) and I wanted to tell someone, to seek help, but I was afraid it would turn into a rumor. But when Christine came in it boosted my self-esteem so much and I’m so glad that I got the help I wanted.

Rida- Today was a very good and educational day. Today we learned about the word resilience with a lady name Christine. She taught us what resilience means. It basically means to bounce back up and to never give up. I learned and had so much fun. Christine had/made workshops. Some of the stuff she asked and told us to do was write down your problem on a piece of paper. I wrote down that I have no problems and, ya, something like that. But I had so much fun and learned a lot!

By: Corrina Richard
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