Diva Girls-Talking About Teamwork

On Friday October the 4th the Diva Girls talked about many topics such as the Quebec Charter of Values and Teamwork. Two need segments were introduced the “What is happening this week?” and the reading initiative which rewards Diva Girl members when a book has been read.

The youth were asked the question “how do they feel about Quebec’s Charter of Values?” after reading an article as linked below. The Charter of Values is a new decree from the Bloc Quebecois that restricts all religious symbols on public sector employees, such as hijabs, large crosses, etc. The group, although young, spoke volumes touching on subjects like human rights, the charter of rights and freedoms and law making in Canada. The youth came to an agreement that not only was the Charter of Values un-Canadian but also against human rights.

The Diva Girls also had time to think about teamwork and what it meant to be a team both in the community, at home and in the world. Split into two groups the youth worked on team building exercises learning about working together to complete a common goal. The members also asked and brought up topics that they have been faced with or have heard about such as euthanasia and Aboriginal rights. These topics were discussed at length and the members gave opinions on each topic and although some members could not agree on a clear decision all felt good about talking about great social dilemma’s that even the Canadian government face.

The Group of Youths all seemed very enthusiastic to participate in every aspect, when asked what parts of that weeks meeting were their favorites they replied that they enjoyed expressing their opinion about the news article and enjoying an interactive activity that was inclusive and overall enjoyable to all the ages present. Each member of the group had expressed excitement on the next topic they would be discussing, making them more aware of both national and international issues and what it meant for them.

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/5-things-quebec-s-values-charter-would-do-and-5-it-wouldn-t-1.1699316, CBC Website.

-Corrina Richard
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