A Halloween Treat

On Thursday October 31, 2013 the media lab became a Pre-Halloween hangout for kids waiting for darkness to proceed with the always-fun trick or treating. In the Media lab, a new chance at learning was made by having the youth make a blog and a Gmail, if they did not have one. As a new initiative youths that come to the media center on Thursday will be encouraged to post a new editorial in their blog before they are allowed to go on social media websites. This will serve as both a learning media experience and an outlet for stress and the daily troubles of being a youth.

The youth were quite receptive to the blog and many wrote of their Halloween experience at their schools. The youth also talked about the history of Halloween as originally a Pagan tradition having changed over hundreds of years. We also talked about Halloween plans including haunted houses and the export of candy from the neighboring house to their pillowcases and shopping bags. The excitement could hardly be contained and by 5:15 as night fell, the chocolate fiends were released into the night. After the youths had made their blogs they also filled out forms on how much they enjoyed the blogs they had made, and although they would have much rather watched ‘One Direction” video’s on youtube or google Justin Beiber pictures they were well responsive to the mental effects of having an outlet to emotions such as excitement, anger and hurt.

Although their time at the Regent Park Media Center was short, due to the festivities, we all enjoyed a few minutes of relaxation and learning before they engorged themselves on sugar that will be quickly confiscated by smart parents that want their children to actually sleep tonight. The blogs will be a new part of the day and the URL’s will be posted at a later date.

-Corrina Richard

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