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Today, the second of August was my second day here at the Regent Park Youth Focus Media Arts Centre. One word to sum the day up? Hmmm... Unfortunately, one word will not do. After all, the day was an exciting one - full of wonderful opportunities. I began the day with great excitement as I was to go on a tour of the CBC. The group that went on this tour, was a fairly small but enthusiastic group which consisted of Katherine, Pierce, Alice and myself along with our wonderful supervisor Ehsan, without whom this trip would not have been possible. We were a very enthusiastic group who got a tour of the CBC by an editor of the CBC himself. He took us to various places inside the building. It was an amazing experience as all of us got to learn a lot from this trip. The trip began at around 12:00 and it lasted till around 2:00. When the tour was over, we headed back to Regent Park Youth Media Arts Center. Other volunteers/ workers who were not with us on the CBC tour were also at the studio which was great because we were all joined by Erin. 

Erin had come earlier to the station as well to discuss about the Trayvon Martin case and self defense. Today, we briefly talked about the case and we discussed more on self-defense and what the law states about it. It was a very educational session and everyone who was a part of the discussion participated actively in the discussion. After the discussion, we began the first episode for the show that Erin was producing. Tresvonne, Katherine and Isaac appeared on the first episode of the show, where Katherine and Isaac were the panel expressing their opinions on this case. I played the role of a switcher and I learned the importance of this job, which may seem really simple to someone who just hears the word "switcher". But in reality, I learnt that it is a really important job where you need to be attentive as you need to listen carefully to the director and pay attention to what is going on around you. Not only this, but I learnt the difference between preview and program which really helped me do the job of the switcher as it is essential to understand the importance of these two terms. Moreover, as I was the switcher, I was watching the show while it was happening and I believe that the show went really well. I think that it took a great start and so I can't wait to work more on this show in the future. 

All in all, today was a very enjoyable and productive day. I found it really amazing that I was able to learn and experience so much even on the second day here. I can't wait to come back after the long weekend for more exciting opportunities here at the Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre. 

-Darshana Koirala

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