Summer Workshops - Nelson Mandela Park Public School Celebration (Vina)

Today I had a wonderful experience reporting at the Nelson Mandela Park Public school celebrating the icon's 95th birthday. The event was filled with local celebrities like former Toronto's Argonauts quarterback Damen Allen, broadcast journalist Indira Naidoo-Harris (CBC, CTV, TVO, OMNI, NBC, and PBS) and internationally known jazz singer Amanda Martinez - who performed at the 2010 World Cup series in South Africa.

The experience was one of a kind as this was my first official newscast for RPTV. A thank you shout out to my mentor Clint, who gave me the opportunity and had faith in me for doing this project. It was a three "man" team with Clint, Issac and I and we did a wonderful job interviewing all the local celebrities under extreme heat. Yay to us!
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