Summer Program - Radio/TV Show Planning

Today was a day buzzing with excitement at Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre (RPFYMAC). The youth started off the day by planning out their radio shows coming up in the next week.

They were especially focused on researching information for their PSAs (Public Service Announcements) in the works. The PSAs are about harmful household chemicals found in everyday products, such as hand sanitizers, hand soap, deodorant, hair products, and many others.

They researched information on the harmful effects of the chemicals, which products they could be found in, and product alternatives free of the harmful substances.

They really showed an interest in wanting to provide people with the best information possible on the subject, and leave people feeling empowered about how to protect themselves.

Later on, after the lunch break, we moved onto the fun experience of being media executives at RPFYMAC, where we listened to 3 different TV show pitches for RPTV. Each of the pitches was interesting in their own way, and had inspiring messages to them.

The first one was by Angela Olah, a motivational speaker and fitness bootcamp coach. Angela wants to do a show that offers fitness tips and workout demonstrations, as well as offering nutritional advice.

She seemed nice, approachable, and passionate about her proposed project. Veena and Issac eagerly agreed to be her Co-Producers, and the TV show is currently in the works to be filmed in the RPTV studios in the next two weeks!

The second show pitched was by Bobby Umar, a motivational speaker, and his assistant, Jeremy Demello. They want to do a show that focuses on issues affecting the Regent Park community and its youth.

They seemed extremely excited for the show, along with many of the youth, such as Sean, who signed up to be the show’s Co-Host and Treyvon, who signed on to be one of its Co-Producers, along with me! The first episode will be filmed next Thursday!

The last pitch was by Clara Pasieka, who had the interesting idea to do a show promoting female professionals from careers that often are seen as “male careers”. This concept left most of the female youth excited for such an inspiring show for girls to take part in, and view. Neda eagerly agreed to join as Clara’s Co-Producer! The first episode will be recorded in the next two Tuesdays!

After the pitches, everyone went straight to work on organizing their TV show, or working on their radio show, such as Neda, Aniqa,Veena and me, who discussed how to approach the subject of “responsible party behaviour” on the next installment of Girl Talk, a radio show the centre offers.

There’s so much more in store for our journey to airing our many media projects in the works. Check back daily for more updates.


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