Summer Program - Radio Show on Health with Angela Olah (Vina)

Today I had the opportunity to host my first hour long radio show on Radio Regent. I had prepped, researched and rehearsed for this day for two weeks! I was very excited as the topic was something I am passionate about - health and fitness. My show consisted of tackling health myths, discussing my journey with eating right and exercise - how it changed my life and we even had a special guest Angela Olah who is a hardcore bootcamp coach! 

I was nervous about the execution but I had a ton of support from co-workers and everything went great! What I learned from hosting a radio show is to not laugh a lot because when I started editing the content my laugh was pretty annoying. Just kidding, what I actually learned was time management is very important in radio. I did mess up a few times but I was fortunate enough to edit it before it went on air. 

This experience has motivated me to do another radio show and hopefully another one on health and fitness!

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