Summer Program - Interviewing Workshop (Nedda)

Today Emanuel led an incredibly useful workshop regarding the proper way to interview people in terms of questions, media release forms, and the type of camera angles taken for the interview. He mentioned the importance of interviewing people who are important in events as well as having different roles in the event as opposed to interviewing everyone who have a similar role in an event. For example, if a news story is covering the Regent Park Soccer League it would be better to interview soccer layers, and their parents as well as referees and coaches as opposed to just all soccer players. This allows for a broader perspective and better coverage of the story as well as making it more interesting. Another important point Emanuel brought up was to cover the 5 W's and H. This answers all the questions that viewers could have about the news story and makes the story more informative.

I thought the workshop was incredibly informative and a good review since I have been a reporter for my school newspaper for a while. Answering the 5 W's and H makes the news story far less confusing. This workshop overall was very informative and important to upcoming news story coverages.  
- Nedda
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