Catch da Flava Radio on Role Models

Tuesday July 2, 2013 on Cath da Flava Radio we started off with a moment of silence for the 19 firefighters that died in the wild fire in Arizona. Then we kicked off the show talking about the 16 year old boy who got stabbed on Ashbridges Bay during Canada Day. We (Tyrone, Emmanuel, and Clint) all came to agreement that youth in Toronto are getting more out of control. The next topic was on how since this years Superbowl 27 football players have been arrested, we touch on Aaron Hernandez case how he could face 25 to life if found guilty. We talked about how youth are idolized by these athletes and how those same athletes get into trouble with the law. On a high note our last topic was on Anthony Bennett, how he's from Toronto and being the first draft pick for the NBA. 

- Isaac
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