Movie Review, Self Portrait, and Media Arts Combo...(Boys2Men)

Last Wednesday, the boyz2men group started a new workshop, with an artist-teacher, Hareem. The project was, or rather is, for the boyz to take a quick peek into the future and create a photoshopped self portrait of how they see themselves at the age of 30. 

Last week, we started some quick drawings individually (which were very well made) of our role-models, and then of our selves. Along with our future goals, we discussed personality traits we aspire to have. Mustafa’s role model was his friend, who play soccer with him, where as Lam had a bit of pinpointing one specific role model, but could say with absolute surety that when he grew up and got rich, he would not become snooty- and would always share what he has, and always donate to those in need.

After a yummy snack, the boys looked at some examples similar to what is expected of them. We then moved into the computer lab, and begun our self portraits. It was here that the aspiring entrepreneurial CEO, Basboos, began digitally creating/drawing what is turning out to be an excellent, well rendered, business suit. 

That leads us to this week, where the past Wednesday, the boyz met up again to continue with their self portrait project. We began the workshop with discussing what it means to be a man. We spoke of superheroes, masculinity, and of course, being a philanthropist. It was said that you do not need to be a superhero to be strong, and decided it was essential for a man to be strong in his heart. He needs to be stable and confident, and must stand up for others and be generous. We looked at a couple more examples as well as the same ones from the last workshop, where some of the boyz are creating magnificent work. We cannot wait for the final art work. :)

-Hareem Qureshy
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