RPTV - Girl Talk - Homophobia and Mental Health

If you missed the new radio segment, Girl Talk, then this post is for you. Hosts Gina, Whitney and Victoria speak on different social issues with hints of fashion, celebrities and boy talk. The first airing of the show was on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, which was just earlier this week. Their first topic was on a serious note with eating disorders, particularly in teens. Although the topic is well-heard issue, the girls used it positively to explain the facts on the disorder, and tips and suggestions that people could use if they have friends they know that are struggling with eating disorders. For example, they spoke about the stigma with men not having the same care or programs that women have when they enter rehabilitation clinics. The girls offered their own opinions on the subject matter and insight to what it’s like to be in high school, dealing with the pressures and stress of society. The girls also did a television piece following the live radio promoting the show Girl Talk and speaking on their first show. You can catch that on Regent TV. The next few weeks will be surrounding other social issues like homophobia and mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. It’s important to Gina, Whitney and Victoria believe that it is very important to speak on these issues because many people today, especially teenagers, suffer in silence and do not get the help they need to better their lives. The show airs on Radio Regent, every Tuesday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Catch the girls talk, gossip and laugh on Girl Talk.

Victoria Mascarenhas
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