GWV - Mental Illness

Victoria Mascarenhas, Gina Brockerville and Whitney Farrell produced a radio show. Our topic was about Mental Illness. We had four subtopics for Mental Illness. They were Suicide, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Each segment was about 15 minutes each. We discussed about some typical questions that people would not understand. We answered them and gave our own opinions about it. We also had three articles that had to do with Mental Illness. One of the articles discussed about Demi Lovato and how she went through a bipolar disorder, depression, etc. She went through a lot of struggles and we thought discussing about her story would help influence youth to step up and not suffer in silence anymore. The second article we discussed was about therapy in the wilderness. It helps youth become more open about their illnesses and to help them speak up about their struggles. The last article we discussed was about this 17 year old boy who committed suicide. His father was a pastor and opened his son’s death to the public, to let them know that it’s fine to speak up and not suffer in silence.

                                                                                                 Whitney Farrell

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