GWV - Radio Show - Highschool Life and Work Life

Gina Brockerville and Victoria Mascarenhas hosted a radio show focused around high school life, and work life. The spoke about the difficulties of high school, such as finding where you belong, how much you grow as a person in high school, the difficulties and benefits of being in an all girls school. Throughout high school you come to know yourself on a whole other level, you become who you will be for the rest of your life, you learn who your friends are, who to trust and who not to trust, and you learn to be an independent person. Not all high school experiences the same, for Gina and Victoria whom are enrolled in an all girls school, it is much different than a student who is in a co-ed school.  Being in an all girls school they have learned that looks aren't everything and they have learned to be confident no matter what they wear and it has helped them be comfortable with who they are. Along with this helping them with their confidence, it has also effected their grades, presentation wise it is less nerve wrecking to stand up and present in front of a group of your own gender than it is to present in front of boys and girls. There are 4 stages of high school as Gina and Victoria discussed. In grade nine, you tend to be very shy and you're extremely focused on school in grade ten you feel like you know everything and you tend to slack off in school, and in grade 11, you tend to panic but you figure out who your real friends are, and in grade 12 you keep to yourself and focus on school. They also discussed their work lives as cashiers and the difficulties that come along with it, such as difficult customers and coworkers.
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