GWV Radio Show: Homophobia

What is homophobia? It is a fear or Homophobia is an ever growing issue all across Canada and it is not something to be taken lightly. Although there is no law against homophobia, it is often not tolerated. But even though it is not tolerated, it is also often ignored, one example of this was in a Toronto school. A transgender student was isolated and asked to use a gender neutral bathroom, or the woman's bathroom. This student had transformed from female to male in his grade 10 year of high school and constantly changed schools hearing the same stories regarding the washroom situation, all teachers and principals would say "It's only temporary" but the situation would never change. You would assume that it would be the students that would be taking part in the homophobic "activities" but that is incorrect, often it would be the office that would isolate the student. At one school he was even asked to use an off-site bathroom because he did not want to use the gender neutral bathroom. People are of all ages are homophobic it is not one age group. There are many well known cases regarding homophobia, one of which involves Rob Ford. Rob Ford has not been seen in the best of light by many people of Toronto and his decision to skip out on the pride parade did not help his case. Although he said that he has important business to take care of, many people think that he simply just did not want to go. I think that because he is such an important person in the public eye that he should have made this event a priority because homophobia is such an important issue, a public leaders support would have been very reassuring. I feel that if more public leaders supported gay rights, then more people would support it as well. School boards should be one of the top supporters of gay rights, because young kids and teens need the most support but this is not the case at some schools. In one GTA high school teen boy, age 17, wanted to take his 21 year old boyfriend to prom but was told that he simply wasn't allowed to. They were told that it was for their safety, as some students may rebel at the sight of a gay couple at prom, but the students of this high school made it clear that they did not have a problem with the couple going to prom. There are many cases like this every year, and I feel that this should not be a rule, everyone has rights and if two same gender people would like to go to prom together, then so be it. Homophobia is not illegal, but it is still not right, it is a serious on going issue that should be stopped. Everyone has rights, and telling someone who they can or can not love or date is wrong. 

-- Gina Brockerville

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