Divas - "What Would You Do If You Had Only 1 Day Left To Live?"

Today the Diva’s got together to discuss what we would do if we only had 24 hours left to live.  The girls were to write in their journals three things that they would do in the last 24 hours they have to live. After spending some time writing these grand ideas each Diva took the time to disclose with the rest of the Divas what they would do with their last 24 hours. Some would spend there time swimming, take the whole family to wonderland, ask the lord for forgiveness, and travel some parts of the world. After hearing how each Diva would spend the last few hours of her life, the other Divas were to help each other figure out how to make some of their goals become a reality. This activity helped the Divas figure out some of their passions, interests and as well they were able to receive peer support from one another.
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