Divas - OCAD Workshop

The Divas today were greeted by Angelina Stoikova. She’s a student currently attending OCAD and she has an excellent project in store for the Divas. 

The Divas were given the task to create a digital self portrait. They’re inspected to research and select an artist that inspires them, and come up with either a portrait or vision that relates to the artist. Researching the artist will give some of the Divas a chance to learn about art’s history and where certain fashion ideas came from.
They also took photographs of themselves to tell a story about how they view themselves visually.  The point to that is to give the Divas a chance to think about how they may see themselves in the future. This task allows the Divas the opportunity to practice artistic and technical skills that they may or may not already have.

Overall many of the girls enjoyed today’s activity by expressing excitement and joy while taking photos of one another. This was just the first day of the digital self portraits’. Angelina will be back for a few more weeks to wrap up the remaining of the project.
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