Divas March Break: March 13th

Youths participating in todays March Break activity were met with a blank sheet of paper and multiple crayons. They were asked to fill the paper with different shapes and patterns making sure to press hard as they colored. Once they finished filling the paper with light colored patterns they were then asked to color over the whole paper using a black crayon. Once they were done, they used a sharp object, a pencil or a pen to scratch words and or designs into the black colored paper. Doing this allowed the light colors to pop through revealing a rainbow of colors below. Before moving on to the next activity the youth were asked why they chose the colors they did and the response consisted of “it stands out,” “no one else chose it,” “I like the colour,” “its unique,” and (of course) “its my favourite colour”.

Some of the youth also chose to take a different spin on this activity. They ventured towards using a colour that was not black to colour over the light coloured pattern. These youth chose to do this because they wanted the end result to be something unique and different from what anyone else would end up with. Some of the colours the youth drifted towards were red pastels, purple crayons and shades of blue and purple to achieve the desired result.

After the crayon etching session, we gathered everyone into a circle to see who had the best concentration and who could think quickly while on the spot. The game called “Concentration, No Repeat or Hesitation” started with names as the first topic. The youth were eliminated from the circle whenever someone took too long or repeated a name that had already been spoken. As the game went on the circle became smaller and smaller and the competition grew tougher. All in all, it was a colourful day and the youth are looking forward to tomorrows activities.

R.T. Mujuzi

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