March 2013 CatchdaFlava radioblog

Were back again for the March radio blog to all the catchdaflava radio listeners and Regent Park Focus blog readers. This month,  the catch da flava crew is back for some more exciting news and topics. All the youth were excited going into the march break and also to celebrate the easter weekend with their family and friends. For some, it is a time for repentance and reflection for this lenten season. For the majority of the  world's population we celebrate this as "Women's History Month", along with International Women's day. As for the catchdaFlava crew, i think its safe to say that we can start by talking about the Toronto mayor Rob Ford going head to head with Toronto Star  and lashing out at them over the topic of the Toronto Mayor having a drinking problem and will need to seek treatment. A few city council along with many witnesses, came forward to express their concerns with his behavior. There were also alot he has to tackle with with regards to TTC's ongoing plans and also his compulsive obsession with the Downtown Casino waiting to unfold. Since February's radio, more and more have surfaced that people are discovering that their ground beef was mixed in with horse meat from most part of the world. This haas been a big month for the horsemeat scandal! in othere parts of the world, a new pope was elected Pope Emeritus Benedict, which is usually chosen after a death of the former pope Francis. In this case, its a new school era, the pope doesn't have to be near his death bed to be replaced. Well, that's all I can recall for this month until next time... Tune in to catch da flava radio and hear the crew talk about the most interesting issues on Tuesdays 7:30 to 8:00 pm and Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

Jerry Zabarte

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