February 2013 Catch da Flava radio

February is a very quick but action packed month for the ‘CatchdaFlava’ crew. Why, you ask? Because it is close to Valentine’s Day and also the Black Heritage month! Furthermore, a lot of topics we get to talk about that you can’t even begin to imagine! It included ‘THE JAM’ event that featured a child soldier from South Sudan turned international hiphop star phenom Emmanuel Jal.  
So let’s start with this month’s highlight already… starting off with the copkiller manhunt going on with the guy named Christopher Dorner. He was apparently a former cop, an ex marine that got terminated a few years ago, so that could have been his motivation for this rampage.
The Toronto Raptors team doing well creeping up into the 9th spot of the western conference and possibly securing an 8th spot for the playoffs. Also note that Terence Ross from Toronto Raptors was crowned ‘king’ in the dunk competition this year in the All Star season.
There were issues involving food industries creating a buzz around pepping up breakfast for couples’ libido. They came up with ‘SexCereal’ as the solution to boost energy and desire. In addition, other food companies like meat companies in most parts of Europe apparently hiding horsemeat in their TV dinners? Laugh out loud! No way! I can be making beef tacos but not knowing I could’ve been eating a mix of horsemeat in it!

There were topics of identity theft going around with HRSDC and student loan applicants. Rumour has it that students can sue and get compensated for this massive commotion.
There was an exploding meteor over Russia and ended up injuring more than 1000 people. From what the people had said, there was thundering sound, very bright light followed after and blown shockwave of over 100,000 square metres of glass, which damaged 3,000 buildings and window glasses. There was a buzz going around that there was gold in the meteor. Other people that had found meteorite fragments took up to the internet and put it up for sale. The government restricted its citizens that they need to be checked and analyzed first before they go and sell it online.

Lastly, some weekly dose of Rob Ford’s idiosyncrasies as usual. Well that’s it for this month; make sure to tune in to catchdaflava radio every Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:00 pm and Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. 

Jerry Zabarte
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