Divas - Toronto Public Health Nurses' Visit

Today at Diva’s we were continuing our healthy segment from a couple weeks ago, when the two registered nurses from Toronto public health came in to talk about healthy eating. 

ara and Chantal came today prepared to make yogurt parfaits. Which the girls absolutely LOVED. Before digging into our delicious yogurt parfaits, Sara and Chantal had us look at some pictures of take out sandwiches from the local Tim Hortons and we had to figure out the calorie content. Which sandwich had how much grams of fat, sodium (salt), etc. From the looks of things the Breakfast Sandwich had a bit more fat content then the sandwich.

We also had a discussion of what type of extreme and out of this world food that we would try before we turn 50. Some of us are dare devils and are willing to try just about anything. Ex. Squid, octopus, rabbit, quesadillas. Then there are some Divas that are not risk takers and do not want to risk the chance of getting sick, so they would prefer to keep their diet simple and stick to there religion.

Once the group activity was done we all got the opportunity to make are very own yogurt parfaits. Each Diva made her own unique parfait. Some had chocolate and yogurt with out the mixed berries, and some had the chocolate, the yogurt, the mixed berries, and granola.

We had a great time making the yogurt parfaits and we want to thank Toronto Public Health for taking the time to come out and demonstrate some new healthy lifestyle ideas.

Karise Reid
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