Diva's Mark Break Program!

To kick start the beginning of March Break the Diva’s talked about what it’s like to respect them and love their self’s. The girls did two exercises pertaining to self-esteem.

They were to write five great things that they feel about themselves. Therefore being able to identify what makes them feel good about their selves. After sometime the girls each spoke about what they admired about themselves. The Divas each feel that they are beautiful and that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Hair, smiles, teeth, athletics, sports, ambitious, kind, giving, caring, and those are just a few of the things that the Divas feel help there self esteem and make them a better person. The Divas will develop a better respect for themselves and appreciation for their bodies.

The second activity was a short discussion about how the girls feel about there body and any changes that may be taking place. Giving the girls the chance to talk about their body helped clarify any misconceptions that they may have had, and felt too ashamed to discuss. This helped put something’s at ease.

Ending our day on a light note, we had pizza and snacks for the girls before free time. Who can think of a better way to start the weekend and March Break 2013, and to end our Divas session? I can not and I am pretty sure that the girls would agree!

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